Upcoming Events

As well as providing a venue for private events, activities, courses and classes, Lymm Business Centre (and its parent charity Lymm Sanctuary Hub) organises a number of public business and community events.

We promote our own events publicly but we also offer support to anyone who hires our space to promote their events as well. We provide you with a marketing resource with suggestions and tips and we work with you to list the event or activity on our social media, website and onsite screens.

Due to Covid-19, events have been paused since March 2020 so our calendar is looking a little lean just now. Please bear with us as we build up our event and activity listings as and when it is safe to do so.

Future Plans

Lymm Business Centre has some exciting projects in the pipeline. We're working with a number of local businesses and organisations to develop the support that is offered from the building. Whether it's a community campaign or project or a business service, we want Lymm and local contacts to consider using our space and services and think of us as a hub for seeking advice and redirection to the right support for themselves, their business or community organisation.

If you've got an idea about an activity, project, club or event that you'd like to see offered in Lymm, please get in touch to discuss it with us.

The back-story to Lymm Sanctuary Hub and Business Centre is a complex one and it has taken considerable investment of time and energy to bring the project to fruition. In short, our reason for being here is to re-purpose the empty space in the Library Annexe to set up a meaningful business and community resource that serves local people. As well as supporting the library's future, it also generates revenue which goes straight back into community via numerous support projects and services.

A true social enterprise with a very local heart.